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Sweet potato fritters, with crispy bacon and fried egg

I loved creating this healthy brunch recipe, something a little different to my usual baked oats or crumpet and eggs on toast. I usually eat brunch on a weekend after doing some exercise or going for a long walk, so I’m always hungry! I decided to make fritters because I […]

Protein packed vegan Buddha bowl

This recipe packs in so many flavours and textures, it’s my go to at the minute for lunch box prep. You will need to put an hour aside to make this dish, but it will make four portions that will keep in the fridge for a healthy lunch on the […]

Loaded jacket potatoes

This recipe is absolutely delicious, perfectly crispy potato skins, loaded with tuna, chives and cheese. I wanted to share with you that the simplest of ingredients can be made into a satisfying lunch. I’m lucky that I have herb garden so I can easily add herbs to most of my […]