Smoky kale, pasta & butter bean soup

What I love about soup recipes is that they are adaptable and are great for using up any leftover veg. Instead of throwing out unused veg, make a soup! Food waste is one of the lead causes in climate change, if we all did a little bit to help we […]

Creamy Mushroom & Rice Soup

Creamy, Mushroom & Wild Rice Soup, With Fresh Thyme, Black Pepper & Yogurt swirl, dairy free. This recipe came to life after a long dog walk on a cold winters day. The wind was bitter and Jordan and I had made no plans for lunch. I looked in the fridge […]

Best ever veggie lasagne

Now I’m lowering my meat intake and eat veggie 99% of the time, I’ve been on a mission to find amazing meat alternatives. I have not been sponsored to tell you specific brands, I genuinely want you guys to know about the best veggie brands! I came across Naked Glory […]

The best Shakshuka recipe

The perfect weekend brunch recipe! I’m always drawn to shakshuka when I go to a cute cafe for brunch, it’s something a bit different and I always find there’s so many variations! This recipe includes classic chopped tomatoes and bell peppers, then spiced with harissa, smoked paprika and cumin. Harissa […]