Whole 30 Breakfast Ideas

So I am on day 11 of Whole30 and I cannot lie and say it is easy! I love my sweets and I love making them, so taking both of those things out of my daily life is a bit of a struggle! I was expecting the itch to get worse before it got better, and I was definitely correct! I am just waiting for the itch to go away. I have been using fruit to try and temper my appetite for sugar. I have tried dried fruit, regular fruit, and my all time favorite is frozen fruit! Frozen grapes and bananas are helping me beyond belief! Grapes and bananas wouldn’t be my fruit of choice, but when they are frozen they become ten times better. The grapes taste more sweet and the bananas become so creamy, making me feel like I am indulging on ice-cream! Anyways…let’s get back on track.

Breakfast has never been my strong suit, but on Whole3o, breakfast is my thing! I am typically quite hungry when I wake up, and would be lying is I say I didn’t go to bed excited about waking up to eat breakfast…haha! I do try to rotate what I am eating to keep the excitement there! Here is a list of some of my favorite breakfast items:

  • Eggs
  • Fruit
  • Avocado
  • Sweet potato
  • Nuzest protein powder
  • Rx bar

Insider: Nuzest is the best protein brand I have ever found. I highly recommend checking it out! The flavor I currently have is called “real coffee”. I love to mix it with almond milk or even coffee! Click here to visit the Nuzest website!


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